The Suzuki Method is a way of learning to play a musical instrument based upon the way we learned to speak our native language.  

ENVIRONMENTAL LISTENING:   The student listens daily to a CD of the piano pieces, just as a baby hears language being spoken daily. Soon the student has mentally memorized all of the songs.

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT FOR YOUNGER STUDENTS:  One parent attends lessons and makes an audio recording of the teacher playing and giving verbal instructions. Parents are encouraged to guide and be good cheerleaders.

IMITATION:  Through simple listening games the student develops pitch discernment and the ability to actually pick out the melodies and accompaniments by ear on the piano, just as every person learned to talk "by ear".  All the pieces are played from memory without the use of the book. 

BEAUTIFUL TONE AND PROPER PIANO TECHNIQUE:  The piano studio has two high quality pianos​ to provide the best example of tone and touch.  The teacher demonstrates beautiful tone and musicianship with a natural technique (posture, balance, finger movement) on one piano.  The student watches, listens, and imitates on the other piano.  Students also enjoy playing with the teacher in unison and also with "companion pieces" composed to accompany their memorized pieces, enabling them to experience ENSEMBLE PLAYING. 

REVIEW:  In addition to learning new pieces, the student continues to play and refine the pieces they can already play developing their ability to play well.  As a result they build a repertoire they can play and perform with confidence at any time from memory.

PERFORMANCES AND MOTIVATION:  Group experiences offer enjoyment and motivation.

  • Weekly individual lessons also include observing another student being taught
  • Bi-monthly Group Lesson Performance Class including social time with refreshments
  • Annual All Studio Formal Recital with larger audience
  • Optional Solo Graduation Recitals at the end of each volume 


READING INTRODUCED LATER:  When a solid foundation of musical skills has been developed, music reading is introduced in another book, usually within the first 12-16 months, just as a child learns to read after speaking for several years.  


 From the very beginning, emphasis is on learning to read music. A few selected pieces are memorized and polished to perform in Bi-monthly Group Lesson Performance Class and the Annual All Studio Formal Recital. Depending upon the student's interest, there would be more music theory taught as well.




Ms. Gretchen is a church choir director and pianist. She teaches both traditional hymn style and contemporary Christian music with improvisation.


Ms. Gretchen has spent many years accompanying professional singers and instrumentalists on university music faculties, and at public concerts. She teaches accompanying and ensemble playing to those aspiring pianists who want to broaden their musical experience.

Piano Lessons in Huntersville, NC

Piano with ms. gretchen

Piano lessons in Huntersville, NC