"Gretchen Brown is a wonderful teacher. As a professional musician myself, I appreciate her attention to detail and thorough teaching style. Our daughter has blossomed under her tutelage, both in learning how to play piano and acquiring skills of concentration, discipline and self control. Gretchen truly cares about each student and their families and has extensive experience teaching Suzuki Piano. I am amazed to see how much my daughter has learned in only one year. We are very thankful for the fruit we see in our daughter's life, and for Gretchen's patience with her."  --Rebecca S.

"Ms. Gretchen's strong grasp of technique and her kind manner make piano lessons a very rewarding and positive experience.  In caring for each student as a person, she is able to elicit and nurture the artist within each student.  The Suzuki method gives students a well-trained ear  and musical sensitivity and maturity.  Ms. Gretchen has given me a love of music."   --Hanna H.

"Gretchen's musical expertise and encouraging manner greatly assist students in cultivating refinement and excellence in their playing and performing. Our daughter's interest in music and the advancement of her musical skills significantly increased while under the care of Gretchen.  She has been more than a teacher to our daughter; she  has been a mentor.  As a mother, I really appreciate how the Suzuki program fosters the growth of auditory learning which, sadly, is missing in mainstream education today but vital for true and lasting learning.  Gretchen provides multiple opportunities yearly to help students practice performing, which I think is great.  Always kind, flexible, and generous with her time, Gretchen has been a rich blessing to us!"   --Heather H.

"As a 66-year old gig player with many professional experiences playing saxophone, flute, and clarinet, I decided to study piano.  It was a stroke of good fortune to have discovered Gretchen, a truly gentle soul with a remarkably beautiful tone and classical facility.  I learned from the very first lessons that these most necessary musical elements are the result of basics such as posture, seat position and deportment of the hands and fingers.   Over my years with her, she has patiently helped me to relax and enjoy playing.  I've had the privilege of observing many of her students during our regularly scheduled group lessons. A number of them come to her as transfers from another teacher. She easily brings them into her care and confidence, and they very noticeably develop their skills.  We students feel a warm camaraderie as we compliment and encourage each other in the basics. We also revel in the delight of hearing Gretchen play a selected classical masterpiece at the end. I can say with heartfelt sincerity that my studies with her are my among my most fulfilling experiences as a senior."  --Duane C.



Piano Lessons in Huntersville, NC


​Piano lessons in Huntersville, NC